Today’s forecast is for…

The recent rash of severe weather has been nothing short of horrific and unforgettable.  I’m not sure how the rest of the United States is, but as for Oklahoma we have some of the most accurate and cooperative teams of weather forecasters in the world.  They can forecast severe weather several days in advance and are, more often than not, dead on with their predictions.

One Monday a few months back the forecasters were predicting rain and storms for Friday of the same week… they were 100% correct.  And by the end of the day on Friday, they were giving the percentages of the probability of storms for Sunday through Tuesday of this week.  Even going so far as to say that Tuesday would be the highest risk of potential severe weather with a high probability of long-lasting tornadoes.  They said the storms would begin and build in the western part of the state then march across the entire state.  Well, guess what happened on Tuesday… the storms started and exploded in the western part of the state then continued their trek across the entire state.  Tornadoes were everywhere.  The last I heard was that the weather service had tracked forty something tornadoes.

Here in Oklahoma, we have a tendency to become oblivious to tornado warnings because we live with them so much.  Around here we like to joke that “In Oklahoma, when you hear the sirens go off, that’s a sign to go outside and see if you can spot a funnel.”  However, anyone who’s lived here for any length of time can recognize the signs when the weather is a little more intense and when to take cover rather than to go outside and look.

The weather men and women have studied, researched, observed and listened intently to learn just how the different ingredients come together in order to predict the rain and storms with a better than average amount of accuracy.  By the different signs and measurements, they can say several days out what the likelihood is that there will be rain or sunshine.  As that day gets closer, they revise their forecast and can pinpoint it a little more accurately each time.  If we listen to them, we may not know precisely the time and exact place that severe weather will hit, but we will know it’s coming.

Christ told us that no one knows the day or the hour of His return.  He said only the Father knows.  However, He did tell us we will know the season and gave us signs to watch for.  Just as the forecasters have studied and learned the signs of the coming weather, if we read and study His Word, we can know that His return is fast approaching.  We may not know the day or hour, but we can know enough that we need to be prepared.  His return could even be before I finish writing this senten

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