20/20 Vision

Take a look at these two photos:

They’re both photos of the same place… Downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma.  They’re just taken from different perspectives.  It’s easy to see the varying sizes of buildings in the photo on the left.  On the right, they all blend together so that no single building can be seen.  Yet, they are all there, none-the-less.

I heard it said one time that man’s vision of sin is like the photo on the left.  We do things everyday that we compare to what others do.  We say that what we did isn’t as bad as what he did.  Or what he did is bad, but it isn’t NEARLY as bad as what she did.  Or, we talk about little white lies compared to big, fat lies.

God, on the other hand, sees sin like the photo on the right.  He is seeing the very same thing, but from a different perspective.  To Him, there is no difference.

We need to remember to try and see our sin as just that… sin. God does.  He also wants to forgive us.  All we have to do is ask.

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