There HAS to be a catch!

We’ve all heard the say “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”

How about this… “You can lead someone to Christ, but you can’t make him receive.”
I heard that analogy once and it was so good that I had to include it here. We can pray all we want to for someone to accept and receive Christ… we’re just wasting our breath. Everything has already been done that needs to be done. The price has already been paid. There’s nothing left for God to do! It’s up to them!

Some people even say things like “Pray for me that I get saved… I really want to me saved.” Again… WHY?!? What else are they expecting God to do as a result of our praying for them?

The ONLY thing left to do is for them to “receive”. Believe that Christ died for our sins and receive His salvation through faith.

He wants us to receive salvation. But, just like not being able to make a horse drink the water in front of him, there are some things that are left up to us. God’s already given it to us… now we have to receive it. It’s THAT simple… NO catch.

Receive a gift now!