Put Away the Hedge Trimmers

Have you ever just gone out driving? You can see such a variety of homes. And the yards come in just as big of an array as the homes that sit on them

Some of the yards look as if they’ve hardly been taken care of at all. While others are so well kept you know the home owner must hire someone to care for it. Many times, the yard has shrubbery (or a hedge) either around the perimeter of the yard or around the house itself. It can give the home not only a decorative look but also a sense of security.

Sometimes, however, you can see that someone has tried to trim the hedge but needed to let someone else do it. The top and sides look like a bad haircut. There may even be holes throughout the hedge that are sometimes big enough for animals to get through.

The Bible talks about a hedge that God put around Job and all that he had. This hedge was a hedge of protection for Job against satan. God puts His hedge of protection around those who have trusted Him and accepted His Son as their Lord and Savior. At times, though, we put little holes in that hedge and satan invites us out from behind God’s hedge of protection. Pray that we put away those hedge trimmers and let God be our landscaper.

Lord, give me a big, tall, strong hedge.

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