His Word, His Will, His Children

I assume we’ve all wondered at one point or another, “What is God’s will?  Why don’t I know what His will is?”  Sometime back, I heard it explained with this analogy.  As his father, my son has heard me correct him and guide him all his life.  He’s now in his 20’s.  By now, he knows me: my thoughts, my personality, my love for him.  Before he asks if he can do something, he already knows what I will say.  How does he know?  Because he knows me.  How does know me?  From my words.

God’s will for us is not some big secret mystery.  We have His words… He gave them to us.  We can know His will by knowing Him and knowing His word just as we expect our children to know ours.  Doesn’t mean we don’t need to have a conversation once in awhile, however.  Even though my son knows me and what I will say, I still love talking with him.  How much MORE our Heavenly Father loves us and hearing from us.  And just as my son can talk with me anytime, our Heavenly Father loves us talking with Him at times other than mealtime.  Just talking with Him… not just TO Him, but WITH Him… that means talking AND listening.

Recently I was talking with Him and I just became consumed with the fact that when Christ was here, God knew what was going to take place.  We speak so often about the fact that Christ could have decided to not follow through with being crucified but instead did His Father’s will.  Luke 22:42 Saying, Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.  But how often do we think about what the Father was going through?  To know that His Son was going to be brutally beaten, broken and tortured.  To know that He would be despised and hated.  How could any father sit back while that happened?

So I asked Him “Did You ever wonder if You should have done something different than send Your SonYou knew He was going to be brutally killed.”

Immediately, the answer was there… “It hurt very much.  But this was the only way I could get you.”

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