Tough Way to Quit – A Smoker’s Nightmare

Well, all those years of smoking finally caught up with me.  The doctors said they have to take out one of my lungs.  This really beats everything, you know?  The one thing that I have always enjoyed… well, I never really enjoyed it, I guess.  But the smoke was always there to get me through whatever I was going through at the time.

But I’m tired of laying here waiting for the surgeons to come do this.  I just want to get it over with.

I wonder what its going to be like afterwards?  I assume I’ll have a little bit tougher time breathing.  But, I’ll be able to handle it.  Wish I had a smoke right now!

Where in the WORLD are those surgeons!!  I’m getting just a little uncomfortable laying here waiting.

Hope they give me something for the pain soon.  I didn’t think there’d be this much.  Especially PRIOR to surgery.  Feels like my nerves are all on fire!

Hey DOC!!  Huh…I couldn’t even hear my own voice.  I’m sure none of the surgeons could hear that.  Why couldn’t I hear myself?  HEY DOC!!!  What the heck?!?  Nothing!  No sound!

What’s going on here?!?  Why do I hurt SO bad??

Just a minute… I do remember someone coming in and rolling me down the hall.  So, I guess… yeah, this looks more like surgery than my room.  So why did they just leave me here?

MAN I hurt!!

Why would they just leave me here?  I do remember rolling in here and… there were others.  The surgeons… they were in green!  They were… praying?!?  I remember… one had nodded a “Hello” at me.

Another asked me to not worry because they had done many of these.  I told her I had been told the risks of smoking long ago and I knew the current risks of this surgery.  There’s always risk when you have your chest opened.  But there’s some kind of risk with everything in life… right?

The surgeon had asked me if I… if I knew… Christ?  What a thing for them to ask at a time like this.  I remember not wanting to sound rude, so I told him I’d talk to them about all of that after I recover from surgery.  At the time, I just wanted to get on with the… AAHHHHHH!!! The pain!!!  The burning!!!  WHERE ARE THOSE SURGEONS!?!?  I still can’t make any sound.  Why can’t I sit up?  What in the WORLD!?!?  My CHEST… its OPEN!!… SOMEONE HELP ME!!!

What if Christ returned, and YOU were the only one around that didn’t know Him?

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