Keep Our Eyes Open

Isn’t it strange – there are times when we may have a strong temptation to do something we know we shouldn’t.  But, even though the temptation is so very strong, it may be a no-brainer and easy to resist.

Then, at other times, the very same temptation may be so slight that we don’t even know we’re being tempted.  Those are the times we are more likely NOT to resist.  Same temptation; two different outcomes.  That’s when satan does his best work – when we aren’t looking.

Just goes to show that when we don’t “feel” like we need to pray is when we NEED to the most.

Feelings fade…  Feelings can deceive…  When we’re “feeling” great and on top of the world spiritually, we need to keep our eyes open, beware and pray.  There’s one that always wants to take everything away and he’ll try when he knows we’ve dropped our guard.

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