Appearances May Be Deceiving

Monday thru Friday, I travel the expressways during rush hour to and from work.  And most usually, rush hour can be chaotic at best.  But even with all the chaos going on around me, I tend to get into a comfort zone and easily quit focusing what I need to focus on in order to stay safe.

objectsOne morning recently, I had almost finished the trip to work... I was listening to the news on the radio… I was thinking about the work day ahead… even thinking about what I planned on eating that evening.  I needed to get off the expressway at the next exit so I needed to get over to the lane to my right.  I glanced over to the outside mirror and out of nowhere comes a semi going several miles faster than I was!  Of course, in reality, I was sidetracked and had not noticed the semi coming up in the other lane and, needless to say, I did NOT get over into that lane right then.  But, as I was looking at the mirror, a few things occurred to me.

The mirror was engraved with the familiar phrase “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear”.  That warning is placed on all outside passenger’s side mirrors for safety. Because of the convexity of the mirror, a wider field of view is presented to the driver.  But, in the process, vehicles are made smaller and appear further away than they actually are.  The warning on the mirror reminds the driver so they don’t change lanes into an oncoming vehicle.

In life, satan brings obstacles into our paths all the time. It might be temptation.  Or it may even be fear.  But, whatever the obstacle, satan tries to hide it’s true nature.  If we are not paying attention and have taken our focus off God, those obstacles can sneak up and overtake us.  However, as a Christian, we have the Holy Spirit that is always inside and ready to warn us and remind us what the reality and truth is of the situation.

We need to pray that we keep our focus on our Heavenly Father so those obstacles don’t catch us unaware.  We must remember to depend and listen to the Holy Spirit when He warns us with that unsettling feeling down inside because those obstacles may just be closer than they appear to our natural human eyes.

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